A funeral can be a time of sadness and grief as you let go of someone close to you. And it can also be a time of celebration of his or her life. Maybe you have a clear idea about what you would like in a funeral ceremony or maybe you would like suggestions to help you to decide what would be most fitting.

The ceremony could be totally non-religious/humanistic or one that is totally religious/spiritual or anywhere in between. Whatever your needs and wishes, I can help you to create a funeral that is right for you.

Once we have met, I email (or post) the draft script of the ceremony to you and you can make any changes you wish and so that you can be sure that the final script meets your wishes.

I can cover anywhere up to about 10 miles from Stratford, East London and a family visit is included. The cost is from £200 and is dependent on the ceremony - please contact me for more details.

And remember, you are not limited to a funeral. You may wish to have a memorial service, an anniversary celebration or a ceremony to scatter ashes. Whatever your needs, just ask.



Absolutely Fantastic. And you said all the things we wanted you to say.

I am grateful for your sympathy, gentle guidance and the professional service which you delivered.

I can honestly say that could she have seen the effort which had been made on her behalf, she would have been incredibly 'chuffed'!